How to Electronically Sign Rental Agreement

There are several ways to sign your rental agreement. Attached to your confirmation email is our rental agreement that must be signed and sent back to us prior to receiving the lock box code to get in your cabin. If you elect not to sign our rental agreement online, you may print it off, sign it, and send it back via:


(540) 980 - 0018



PO Box 407
Draper, VA 24324

1. To sign our rental agreement online, log in to your guest account and click on "Reservations."

2. Click on your reservation to select. If you have multiple upcoming reservations, be sure to click on the reservation that you want to sign the Rental Agreement for. Once you have selected your reservation, select the "Sign Lease Agreement" link in blue below.

3. Once your reach the Rental Agreement page, instructions will direct you on how to complete your signature. Just type in your name and submit and you're good to go!